Channel 4 TV Series on Findhorn

Real Life productions are half way through filming a three part television documentary series to be shown on Channel 4, (UK) later this year, that chronicles what the Findhorn Foundation and Community is about.

The aptly named company have set themselves a challenge in translating the multi-faceted diversity of life here on to the TV screen though early reports say that Channel 4 are very excited with the footage so far.

For the community it was a gulp to say yes to a fly-on-the-sanctuary wall style documentary; to say yes to the possibility of our every move being filmed and it will be the first time the community will feature on television in this depth and format.

Here for around fifteen weeks the TV crew have been so unobtrusive that they feel like part of the Findhorn scene now: almost like just another department and have integrated themselves as well as any long term guest. Two of the production crew took part in an Experience Week to give them an understanding of the spiritual heartbeat that sustains Findhorn. They have been to Cluny Hill College and to the Isle of Erraid.

This is the first of regular updates of ‘Findhorn on Channel 4′. Schedule and programme details will be included in our next news report. This is Michael Hawkins for Findhorn at Findhorn. Back to you reader.
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