Mind Body Spirit Festival.

The Findhorn Foundation and Community’s stand at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London recently was a huge success. It was an intense, laughing, tiring, light, crazy, inspiring, overwhelming, grounding, partying, creative time; not to mention hoarse voices and sore feet.
What a delight to meet thousands of people, thirsty for information about us and our work here. Many, many people told us how happy they were to see us back at the festival and marvelled at the photos of our growing community. Many had never heard of us, (but now have!!!); many who HAD heard of us and always intended to come saw our presence there as a gentle push to really do it. There were also those who know us and visit regularly, and those who know us, don’t feel the need to visit but are very, very glad to know we are here, doing what we do. They loved Eileen’s quotations and Mike Scott’s song and I went ‘home’ every night exhausted but high on this experience of reaching out and connecting.
We ‘raffled’ a free Experience Week and 631 people put their names and addresses down to both win this and go onto our mailing list. On the last day, at 7pm, we decided to give away three Experience Weeks and the winners were Helen Appleyard from Cranford, Juliette Woollard from Parson’s Green and either Ila or Phillip Koulias from Ilford. We look forward to welcoming these people sometime between now and May, 2005, and hopefully, the other 628 also, who didn’t win.
Around 28,000 people came to the festival and what an amazing energy field it was! It is impossible to fully measure the effect of us being there – seeds have been planted and when and where they grow need not be known by us.
Our presence in London was proof that there IS another way of being and a reminder to people that they, too, can join the transformational wave.

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