Community Wedding

The greatest show not on earth took place last week when Venus made its transit across the face of the sun. On Planet Findhorn last Saturday love and sunshine made a perfect match for the wedding of Geoffrey Colwill and Maira Jorba-Galbos.

Community weddings are always memorable with the alchemy of love, gaiety, informality and dancing that attend these happy occasions. What makes community weddings more unique is that couples help create the wedding service writing their own vows and intentions. Typically, Geoffrey and Maira created their ceremony, 100%.

Geoffrey and Maira’s wedding ceremony took place in Universal Hall with community members mingling with family and friends. Spanish born Maira’s family travelled from various parts of Spain. The celebrant was former community resident the Rev. Ken Hills. Song featured prominently in the proceedings with Geoffrey and Maira, passionate community singers, joining in and sometimes leading their own community choir.

After the traditional Scottish country dancing, led by Ian Turnbull, the celebrations included a Celidh.

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