Waste Busters open a Grand New Site in Forres

Moray Waste Busters, the Forres-based recycling centre, opened a grand new extension at its Waterford centre, just outside Forres, at the beginning of May. The manager of the project, David Munro, worked for the Foundation as the Public Relations Officer some years ago.
On 30 April Maureen MacMillan, the local MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament) opened the new extension. The following day was a family fun day, inviting everyone to come, learn and play, as part of the initiative to educate both adults and children in the Forres area about recycling.
Items recyclable in the centre now include, glass, paper, metals, wood and household items such as furniture, toys, clothes, garden waste.
Many of the unwanted items, such as furniture, can be taken away by others to a new home, for a donation, however large or small, reminiscent of the clothes recycling boutiques that we have run in the Foundation for years.
Composting is another exciting aspect of the site, which shows all the various ways this can be done, one being the use of worms to produce a very high quality compost which is then sold as high quality fertiliser.
The Scottish Executive announced on 14th May a £1.7 million package for community environmental programmes and £23,000 of this was given to Waste busters. Some of this will be used to collect kitchen scraps from 350 households in Forres to feed the worms for this process and to supply worms to people keen to start their own wormeries.
David said, “worms will play an increasing role in the environment – they’re the future. Because of a lot of modern agriculture, the worm has been booted out, as they can’t survive in over-nitrated soils, but they also put a lot back into the soil.”
Another area of potential is the recycling of plastics, better covered in some other countries. Heath Gardner, one of the team said, “the challenge with plastics at present is the distance to get to the markets such as Liverpool in England. We are looking into this whole area and have managed to get our paper recyclers to accept Terapak (waxed drink cartons).”
The scheme will also offer work-experience opportunities to young people with behavioural problems.
We at the foundation applaud this wonderfully exciting venture as a leap forward in local public awareness.

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