Findhorn Foundation Gains Green Tourism Gold Award For Second Time.

For the second time the Findhorn Foundation has been awarded a gold rating in the Green Tourism Business Scheme. The organisation conducts a comprehensive study of many communities or companies involved in any way with tourism and produces a report covering a wide variety of aspects, including energy usage, water quality, transport, wildlife, recycling and buying locally.
They look at most things both little and large. (How many taps were seen dripping? Do you know where your recycled paper ends up? Are you car-sharing?)
Living lightly on the planet has been a theme of our communal lives for many years of course, evidenced most obviously by the wind turbine, the Living Machine sewage treatment plant, solar panels, our newest bus being converted to run on LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), building with non-toxic materials wherever possible, recycling a whole variety of items, moving more and more to organic foods and so on.
To gain a gold award, you need to be higher than 80% and the Foundation achieved 95%.
This award is produced and presented every two years and this is the second time the Foundation has received gold. The adjudicators were hosted by Colin Milne, our health and safety officer. Colin commented, “I would like to thank all the departments and individuals for the work and effort they have put in, to improve our rating in demonstrating living lightly on the planet”.
Although awarded to the Foundation this award is the result of the whole community pulling together. We are to be congratulated!

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