Findhorn Foundation and Community returns to Mind Body Spirit Festival

After 13 years’ absence we will again be present at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, 26th-31st May, in The Royal Horticultural Halls in London.
We are excited about our return as it is integral to our purpose – as Robin Alfred said to The Guardian in 2002, “Our aim is personal and planetary transformation, so the vision is big. A self-sufficient community in a bubble of its own would miss the point.” Our presence at this festival is a big step in letting old friends know that we are still here, and introducing ourselves to many, many more – at least 30,000, I hope!!
It is the 28th such festival and presenters and performers from 5 continents will be there, including our own Head of Management, Mari Hollander, who will give a talk and slide presentation on the holiday Monday at 1.30-2.30pm.
Our stand, no. 110, will feature quotations by Eileen, the lyrics of Mike Scott’s song Open and many blown up photos showing all aspects of our community. A Sunrise panel and a large version of our Common Ground document will also be there.
There will be a laptop presentation of 100s of pictures of our community playing continually, backed by a variety of music, particularly loved by us here at Findhorn.
The festival is open Wed 26 May to Friday 28, 11am-6pm (Thursday till 8pm)
Sat 27 to Mon 31 May, 10am-7pm.


Open to the world
open to spirit
open to the changing wind
open to touch
open to nature
open to the world within
open to change
open to adventure
open to the new
open to love
open to miracles
open Beloved to You

Open to learn
open to laughter
open to being blessed
open to joy
open to service
open to saying “Yes !”
open to risk
open to passion
to peace and silence too
open to love
open to beauty
open Beloved to You
Mike Scott

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