Visions of a New Renaissance

Community elder Craig Gibsone will this weekend (Sat April 24) share a platform with Clare Short MP and Hilary Wainwright, editor of Red Pepper as the Ninth Annual Manchester Schumacher Lectures debate the theme….As If People Matter.

E.F Schumacher’s book Small is Beautiful is subtitled A Study of Economics As If People Mattered. Saturday’s event will consider how we can evolve to a world where people really do matter — a just balance between the rich/powerful and the poor/self-empowered and addresses what needs to change in our systems, our governance, our culture and ourselves.

The trio of speakers is an intriguing one; the spiritual/ecovillage community elder, the former Cabinet Minister and editor of an alternative magazine all share a deep concern for people though they are on widely different paths.

All three have a powerful intellect and dynamism and in their own way strive for a new direction that balances the individual with a commitment to communities and the environment. The Ninth Annual Schumacher Lectures promise a stimulating and memorable Saturday and I am sure will leave no doubt that people do matter.

More information from Chris Lyons, email: or Tel 01204 697411.

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