A World Class Holiday Park in the Making

The 5th of April was a record day for the Findhorn Bay Holiday Park. The dream of many for over two decades to turn a caravan park into a world class holiday park culminated in the launch of two brand-new eco chalets built to exceptional standards. And the man who made it happen is David Goodbourn, director of New Findhorn Directions (NFD), the trading arm of the Findhorn Foundation. This was a project not without its challenges, but as David says, remembering Peter Caddy’s 3 P’s: Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance, pushed him on to the successful delivery of these gorgeous holiday chalets.

The chalets are skillfully crafted, beautifully appointed, tastefully decorated, and thoughtfully located, with stunning south west balcony views of Findhorn Bay. Named after birds of the local area by Eileen Caddy, Findhorn Foundation co-founder, Turnstone and Sandpiper herald the beginning of the holiday park’s transformation. Each chalet boasts a signed copy of Eileen’s best-selling book of guidance Opening Doors Within. Eileen’s special note inside reads, “Please feel free to use this book for quiet inspiration.” In a short ceremony, Eileen cut the ribbon and the area’s oldest-living resident was on hand to help plant a rowan tree on each property. The rowan tree is an ancient symbol of protection and is traditionally planted in this part of the world in honour of a new home.

David’s vision is that the chalets serve exclusively as “holiday experiences, where the busy, high energy pace of real work is left behind, and in its place is an opportunity to rest, relax, and heal.”

Well done! Congratulations to all involved in the project. May the rest, relaxation, and healing begin as the first guests prepare for their holiday. Interestingly, David Spangler, who co-directed the Foundation’s education programme from 1970 – 1973 is among the first to experience the chalets as he takes a little rest and relaxation with his family before speaking at the Spirit of Healing conference next week. The rains fell throughout most of the launch, but as my thoughts turned to the guests who were soon to arrive, the sky cleared and the sun began to shine as if on cue. More Findhorn magic of course…

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