Candles and Silence For Spain

Many in the Findhorn Foundation Community joined today with workers from Romania to Ireland in observing a three-minute silence (1100 GMT) for the victims of the Madrid train bombers.

Since news of the tragedy came in many candles have been lit for all concerned and we continue to hold the Spanish people in our thoughts, meditations and prayers.The Findhorn Foundation Community includes several Spanish people and receives many Spanish visitors.

Below is a poem from N C Grant :

El Mundo Necesita Velas

Light a candle
for the families
and friends
of all those
who have been
maimed or
murdered in
Madrid today

Padres y madres
hijos u hijas
ninos de Dios
ninos sagrados
Diganos –
Que podemos hacer?
Que podemos hacer?

Light a candle
for Arturo
and Maria
For Silverio
and Lupe
For Pablito
and his Dad

Light a candle
and do not
let it go out

For we stand
here in shock
words half-formed
in our throats
and even the
she does not sing

n c grant

This poem is dedicated to all those who were maimed and murdered in Madrid on March 11 2004 and to their families and friends. The world needs candles now

In translation:

Fathers and mothers
sons and daughters
All children of God
All sacred children
Tell us –
What can we do?
What can we do?

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