Book Success For Celia Hawe

Findhorn Yoga teacher Celia Hawe has found instant success with her first book, Yoga for Slimmers.

Community member Celia who lives between her home in Findhorn Village and the Far East has written a ground-breaking book that gives a 4- week weight loss plan for body, mind and spirit.

The book, extracted in the Daily Express, Bella magazine and others has proved a tonic for women who want to try something new when, perhaps, all other diets have failed. The book is disappearing off shelves faster than the proverbial hot cakes and Yoga for Slimmers is No 2 in Amazon’s “Body, Mind, Spirit and Yoga” category.

The fruit of more than 20 years involvement in health and fitness, Yoga for Slimmers is a delicious programme that helps its readers’ become slim in body, mind and spirit. In a market over-crowded with slimming guides and health manuals Celia Hawe’s book contains the ingredients of authenticity and wholeness that will be truly beneficial for all who want to look after themselves.

Celia and husband Peter have developed the ideas contained in the book in their popular health courses and it comes as no real surprise to many here that their book has met with such acclaim.

Popular and respected members of the community, Celia and Peter, have lived here for around ten years. Their yoga and health and wellness courses have been in the vanguard of promoting wholeness for community members.

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