The Message of Peter Caddy’s Life

As we prepare for the investiture ceremony next Tuesday in which Eileen Caddy will be presented with the MBE awarded her for ‘service to spiritual inquiry’ I find myself thinking of Peter Caddy and moreover the message of his life.

The award of the MBE can be seen in one way to crown Eileen’s life; her dedication and obedience to God; the marvellous example and inspiration she has been to all who have been encouraged to find God within themselves by her powerful example and teaching.

Wednesday February 18 marked the tenth anniversary of Peter’s death and while the day passed quietly, in that there was no formal event, I noticed that many around me talked about him and, unaware of the anniversary, I had that day spent a few moments with the mossy head and shoulders bust of Peter that keeps watch quietly from a corner of the wild garden.

So if the message of Eileen’s life is to turn within, what was the message of Peter’s? By one of those synchronicitous acts that are so abundant here I found the answer in Issue 3 of Network News which contained 12 ‘Peter principles’. I offer you some of them:

*Have faith in God.

*Think big.

*Love the place you are in, the people you are with and the work that you have to do.

*Whatever you do, do it with love and therefore perfectly–and have fun doing it.

*Remember the three Ps: patience, persistence, perseverance.

*Be the healer of all troubles.

It is well chronicled that Peter trusted his intuition above all and in this Peter has been a great example for me. Discussing the question of the message of Peter’s life with my friend Mike Scott, Mike said he felt it could be boiled down to two words: Trust God.

We are both certain that were Peter alive to see the visit of the Queen’s representative on Tuesday he would be mightily proud. What do you think was the message of Peter’s life? We invite you to share your thoughts with us on our Website Forums.

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