Crystal the Cat Moves Into The Light

I’m sad to report that Eileen Caddy’s cat Crystal died yesterday. Many of us
mourn her passing.

Crystal was aged around 17 and in human terms that’s approximately 105 years. She came to the Community as a kitten and lived for a time with Loren Stewart, then with Joanie Hartnell-Beavis, before adopting Eileen in the early 90s.

A distinctive figure, pure white with a regal bearing, Crystal could often be seen in the original gardens seemingly inspecting everything, being fussed over or disappearing into the sanctuary.

Eileen said today that Crystal used to lay on her lounge carpet and they would meditate together. “Today she wasn’t there and I miss her.”

In her later years Crystal found an audience as the star of a column ghost-written by Mike Scott that appeared in our website forums. Writings from Crystal the Sanctuary Cat attracted replies from other cats as far away as Buenos Aires and New Zealand, inspired by her a-fur-mations, such as “All is Furry Furry Well” and “I am a beautiful Cat-filled Being”.

Losing a cherished animal is very painful and Crystal’s loss is deeply felt in the community. Almost everyone I spoke to this morning told an anecdote about her and expressed sorrow for Eileen and all who cared for Crystal. We wish Crystal grace on her transition into the Light, and gratitude for the delightful blessing
she was to this community for so many years.

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