Snow Angels

The snow is melting and there is nothing arctic about the weather as I write. Braced for winter this week it seems to have come and gone with almost a whimper.

There was some slipping and sliding around The Park, and The Phoenix in common with some office buildings, closed due to power cuts but generally the discomfort has been minimal and the patches of snow outside my window are in retreat. There has been a community silent retreat this week and the term white light must have taken on a new meaning as the retreatants sat and walked through the ephemeral crystal-wet powdery loveliness of it.

Before January is out I must tell you that at the Winter solstice we chose three angels for the coming year. POWER for the Centre, JOY for the Foundation and CLARITY for the Community Association. Eileen Caddy, MBE chose POWER for us. You may like to work with these and so amplify their presence.

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