Solstice, Christ-mas and Dorothy Maclean

Solstice Sunday (December 21) marks the end of an inner journey that began in November when Founder Dorothy Maclean and Judy McAllister embarked on a five week internal education workshop for the community.

The transition from a golden Autumn to Solstice darkness has been brightened by Dorthy Maclean’s longest stay with us for many years and this internal education workshop has been both a delight and an unqualified success.

More than 50 community folk have attended the twice weekly sessions sharing insights, clarifications and inspirations through ‘sitting at the feet’ so to speak, of this most unassuming teacher. Moreover, it was a course requirement that those wanting to take part commit themeselves to at least ten sesions. Given the natural tendency to wind down, if not retreat after Summer busyness, plus the myriad other community attractions a commitment by 50 people is noteworthy and demonstrates the love and regard in which Dorothy is held.

Although best known for her work and experiences connecting with the devas and angels and her founding role it is the original connection with God that Dorothy has been focussing on in these workshops. Her message has been that her strong connection with God made the other work possible.

One participant said,”Practicing the presence of God, learning to fall in love with God over this period has been a highlight of my decade or so here. To be able to gain first-hand knowledge from a teacher who is so authentic has been a great gift. I plan to ask Judy McAllister (who catalysed Dorothy’s extended stay) to repeat it next year, yet including Summer as well as Autumn and Winter!’

When not in the internal workshop Dorothy has been kept busy responding to all the invitations to talk about her life and work and participate in various Departmental attunements. She will take her place at our Christmas table to warm applause.

One of the original messages from God shared in her workshop is printed below:

13th August l954 noon
You can contact Me with the speed of light, depending on our love. There is no need for elaborate preparations, for settling down, for composing yourself. Just love and you are with Me.

If your heart is open, you are open to Me and can hear My voice. When your heart is open and love is flowing forth, you are in the cleansing stream that makes you pure enough to hear Me. But you have to turn to it, you have to submit yourself to it — for a critical mind will do what it can to stop you turning to Me.

Love knows what to do with that mind. Give it to Me. Give it to that wonderful cleansing stream no matter how far it has wandered, with no reservations. I know the mind and know what to do with it.

Each time it comes to Me, it comes a little more into alignment, and you are beginning to catch it more quickly each time it wanders. Love can cope with the mind. Give it to love any time of the day or night for instant cleansing, and let your whole being be in love and very close to Me.

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