Nature Sanctuary in BBC List of Favourite Buildings

A BBC web site has invited readers to send in pictures of their favourite buildings, famous or not. The best are presented with a short explanatory text.

From squares, curves, crooked spires to classical beauty, glaring folly, majestic presence to uniform 1980s concrete the pictures tell their story and more. A wonderful idea the web site is well worth a visit and not only because one of our truly unique buildings is included.

Beauty comes in many forms of course and the derelict, ghostly form of Battersea power station contrasts with the sun-drenched ruby red plains seen from Granada’s Alhambra Palace. The Taj Mahal is featured as is an abandoned pumping station near Selby, England.

There’s room for Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, Tokyo’s Strawberry Building and Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece Falling Water.

And at frame no 5, snuggled quietly between the famous Palace of Westminster and Seattle’s Space Needle is. . . The Nature Sanctuary. Val Ghose from Dorset who took the picture says in her explanatory text, “Reminiscent of a Hobbit home, I find it more peaceful than any church”.

Located in Pine Ridge at The Park, The Nature Sanctuary was envisioned and built by Ian Turnbull.

More of Your Favourite Buildings can be viewed at

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