David Spangler’s Christmas Story Tree

For the past decade or so David Spangler has celebrated the magic and wonder of Christmas by writing a Christmas story for himself, friends and family. The stories have been so well received that this year the Lorian community are publishing The Story Tree, a collection of nine stories, each imaginatively illustrated.

Writing in the introduction David tells how the book came into being:
“Whatever else it may be and signify in our hearts and souls, Christmas is a celebration of imagination and stories. Perhaps that is why I love Santa so much; he reminds me of the magic and wonder that exist in our world and in ourselves if we only open our hearts and minds to see them. To me, Santa Claus is a very real spiritual being who comes once a year to remind us of that magic and of the love that is at the heart of Christmas.

To honour this celebration of imagination and wonder, every year for the past dozen or more years I have written a Christmas story. The stories reflect my interests: wonderment, fantasy, science fiction, Santa Claus, the mystery and magic of Christmas. I wrote them for my kids and for the kid in myself, as well as for friends and family.

When writing them, publication was the farthest thing in my mind. But now that the opportunity has come to share them with a wider audience through this book, I feel this is a special gift in its own right, both for the stories and for me.
So from my Story Tree to yours, may these tales of wonder and magic brighten your spirit and bring a smile to your lips. Merry Christmas, everyone!”

Available from December 1, with a limited print run, you can order a copy from

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