The Piano Has Been Drinking

not me…not I won’t be performing my interpretation of the Tom Waits song, hic, at tonight’s grand Sharing (Variety Show) in Universal Hall.

For those familiar with our culture the ‘Big Friday Night Sharing’
has a long and influential role in community life, serving as both entertainment after a long and full week and an opportunity for letting hair down, letting off steam, laughing with and at each other.

Humour and satire are in full swing as a gardener swaps her wellies for the magician’s cloak or a first public airing of a self-penned song. And being home made doesn’t mean low grade. I am always amazed at how talented community members are. We discover that the newcomer in Homecare is a virtuoso violinist and the quiet chap in Maintenance is a stand-up comedian. I say, I say. In this spirit and tradition the ‘Big Friday Night Sharings’ return tonight.

Tonight’s Sharing will also see the unveiling of our Community photo board. Show organiser Mattie Porte has taken on the dual role of photographing more than 300 community members and these will also be the centre of attention. She has also managed to keep her several jobs in more than good order.
Now where’s my tutu..

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