Season of Mellow Mists and. . Dorothy Maclean

Autumn time in our community is coloured by the golden presence of Founder Dorothy Maclean who will be with us until just after Christmas, her longest stay for many years.

Dorothy is currently in the second week of a three week long workshop for guests called Connecting with God and in November and December, aided by Judy McAllister, will offer a four week internal education workshop for the community — again on the theme of connecting with God.

Her extended presence here has been received with a lot of joy. For a number of years folk have been inviting/encouraging Dorothy to come and stay in the community for longer than just the two or three weeks around her workshops. Judy McAllister told me that while working with Dorothy on her autobiography it became clear to Judy that this really needed to happen and so she became relentless in her encouragement. Finally, Dorothy said, YES!

Although best known for her work and experiences connecting with the devas and angels, it is the original connection with God that Dorothy is focusing on in these workshops. She is adamant that her ability to connect to the devas and angels was because she had the God contact first and that contact is what made the other work possible. She is sharing more and more of her original messages from God – they are wonderful, lyrical and light, and full of love.

They carry an invitation to move closer to God, to fall in love with God, to live a life with God at the centre and so next year the two weeks will be called. . . “Falling in Love with God”.

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