Walk Your Talk!

The Findhorn Foundation Consultancy Service along with Social Venture Network, UK and Authentic Business, are currently hosting a three-day gathering, Walk Your Talk, a unique event for socially and environmentally responsible businesses, held at the Universal Hall, Findhorn.

Some of the UK’s leading responsible businesses including Triodos Bank who help to finance enterprises which add social, environmental and cultural value, Traidcraft who fight world poverty through trade, and The Phone Co-op who are owned and controlled by customers, are spending time focused on learning from one another and establishing trade relationships. Charlie O’Malley, one of the organisers of the event says, “This isn’t three days out of your business, it is three of the most intensive days of doing business you’ll ever spend.” The idea is that responsible entrepreneurs will meet dozens of other organisations to do business with, and who are also facing similar issues and dilemmas.

The event is by invitation only, making sure that all participants are representing organisations that walk their talk, so that while they are making profits they are also making a difference in the world. Some of the participants are well-known responsible businesses and organisations, but the event also gives presence to some of the less known so that their equally impressive achievements can be shared and learned from.

The gathering gives the Findhorn Foundation and Community the opportunity to showcase the initiatives that make it one of the world’s leading examples of an ecovillage and spiritual community, including our businesses, alternative currency, ethical investments, alternative ownership structures, green energy and ecobuildings.

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