Remembering September 11, 2001

The tragedy of September 11 2001, has been quietly held within the Community this week, prayers and invocations being included in the prayer life of the community.

Often referred to as the day the world changed, and certainly catastrophic in its impact, all that unfolded that day and since has brought forth a desire for peace and an outpouring of compassion as perhaps never before.

Tonight in Universal Hall,@ 8pm the Ven Sangye Khadro (Kathleen Mc Donald) will give a public talk on Peace, Compassion and Loving Kindness dedicated to the events of September 11 and beyond. Members of the general Moray public will sit with community members in an evening that will see the Hall filled to capacity.

Venerable Sangye Khadro has been a Tibetan Buddhist Nun for almost 30 years and is noted for being an inspiring role model and for giving wise counsel. Her excellent book, How to Meditate, has helped transform many hearts.

The public talk in the Hall is the starting point for a period in which Kathleen will introduce the Lam Rim teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. These embrace peace, compassion and loving kindness. For more information on these contact Thomas

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