Archetypes and the Mystery School Retreat

Artist, Alchemist, Child, Judge, Knight, Lover, Victim, Warrior. Archetypes all and according to Caroline Myss, powerful forces found in the human consciousness that not only influence our lives but also contribute to the make-up of our sacred contract.

Dr Myss is an internationally famous and acclaimed medical intuitive, teacher and motivator who integrates startling psychological clarity with a profound awareness of the spiritual dimensions. Caroline is also a ‘Findhorn family’ friend and Fellow whose appearances here are anticipated, savoured and remembered long after.

Her acclaimed book Sacred Contracts explains how we can identify our archetypes or spiritual energies and use them to find out our life purpose, make the best use of our personal power and fulfil our divine potential. Archetypes and Sacred Contracts, a week-long workshop, November 30 November- 6 December, will surely help us find more meaning through exploring the archetypal roles we play.

In the first week of February 2004 , February 2-6, Caroline introduces a new workshop to Britain and Findhorn, A Mystery School Retreat, that will explore the mystical life and show how grace can bring about change, subtly rather than explosively. Caroline says, intriguingly, “For me, there is no other place on this planet I would rather you open yourself to the power of the mystical experience than Findhorn.”

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