Findhorn Advice for Monarch of the Glen

Public Relations is a varied job here at the Findhorn Foundation. I get all sorts of requests and in a single week may welcome to The Park a film crew from Sweden, a group of our local government councillors and a class of school children.

At the end of June, for the first time, I became an advisor for BBC television when I was approached by the company that produces the very popular series Monarch of the Glen. This is a sort of romantic comedy featuring gorgeous Scottish countryside down on the banks of Loch Laggan, about 60 miles south of here, and a wonderful variety of characters, some rather eccentric. As well as being broadcast in Scotland, I am aware that it is also exported to many other countries and can be viewed in America, Australia and Sweden, to name a few.

They wanted to include a meditation retreat in an upcoming episode and needed advice on what that would look like. It was satisfying that they knew about the Foundation and what we do here and that meditation is making its way into mainstream television in a light but respectful way.

So I made the drive through some wonderful countryside and ventured into the very remote estate of Ardverikie, where the whole series takes place. I felt very privileged to be allowed into such a private and exclusive domain. The film crew were gracious and generous, welcoming me and asking many questions about details that would add authenticity to the tale and on returning to the Foundation I was able to arrange for them to rent meditation stools and a singing bowl as features for the filming.

The whole journey made me aware of the beautiful country in which Findhorn exists, and I felt very much in touch with the spirit and essence of Scotland. I also celebrate that the public I relate to when representing the Foundation has become increasingly diverse. I realise how important it is that we are seen as both relevant and accessible if we are to serve positive change in the world.

This episode of Monarch of the Glen is due to be broadcast in Britain during November and will be the eighth in the new series.

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