Eileen at 86. . .and the still, small voice.

“Be Still and Know That I am God”. These words of God spoken to Eileen Caddy in a Glastonbury sanctuary 50 years ago have been pivotal in the creation of the Findhorn Foundation Community.

While scarcely able to believe that she had heard God’s voice, Eileen’s dedication and commitment to listening to the ‘still, small voice within’ and following its guidance has become the cornerstone of this spiritual centre.

Eileen’s constant, unceasing work over the fifty years since she first heard these words, has been to spend time in the stillness, listen and act and help others find their own inner guidance. Her life work has been to live, be, demonstrate and embody the energies of love, light, wisdom, understanding and compassion.

Moreover, she been a source of inspiration for the thousands of visitors who have been drawn to Findhorn and the many more who have read her books which have been translated in more than 27 different languages. Two of her books will soon be published in China.

In 2001 she was placed at number 40 in a list of the world’s 50 most influential spiritual figures in a Channel 4 programme, The God List, broadcast in Britain. The God List identified 50 people whose spirituality has a direct and powerful influence on our lives.

On Tuesday August 26, Eileen will become 86, and while typically she wants little fuss, there are plans afoot for an afternoon tea party. The following day, there will be a special meditation in the Park Sanctuary at 11am to celebrate and honour Eileen and the spiritual impulse of this centre.

Even more typically, as we prepare to celebrate her, Eileen feels it is timely for all of us in the Findhorn Family to spend time in the stillness, go within and ask ourselves:
*What is our dedication and commitment for the next 50 years?

*What is our individual purpose for being here?

*What is Findhorn’s purpose and what is our contribution to that wholeness?

Cards and gifts are allowed too! Happy, happy birth-day and year, Eileen.

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