Findhorn Goes Greek For The Summer

When I see the smiling faces of certain old friends in the Community Centre I know it must be Dance Festival time again. This year it was the 12th Festival of Dance, Music and Song here at Findhorn with many newcomers and also many of our valued regulars, including Bill Henderson enthusiastically leading the scratch band and Kate O’Connell drawing, as ever, remarkable performances from her choir.

Guest teachers this year were George and Georgia Lazarou, lead dancers with the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre in Athens. It was wonderful to be part of a family of nations including Brazilians, Norwegians, Argentinians, Swiss, Japanese, French and Australians in vibrant non-verbal communication, experiencing Greek traditional music and dance from Crete to Macedonia.

As George and Georgia pointed out, “the dance circle represents the circle of life where each person plays his or her important role. In Greece people dance for social contact, to honour one another and to express the joy or sadness of a life event, but most importantly to express their creativity. The dance is never just steps; it’s a person’s soul expressing itself.”

This was very obvious in the vital way these two danced: George with his vibrant male energy executing powerful leaps with gymnastic flair and exuberant passion and Georgia, graceful and elegant, totally present in her body and the dance. We will miss them!

The final night in Universal Hall was a true spectacle of colour and movement as 150 dancers joined hands to celebrate a unity that comes from the heart. Now the joy is scattered all over the globe as dancers return home taking with them the power and healing which comes from dancing together.

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