World Service Intergroup Conclave

The word conclave is on everybody’s lips this weekend as over 160 people from 17 countries gather in the Findhorn Foundation’s Universal Hall for the World Service Intergroup Conclave.

To this catholic raised boy the word conclave stirs memories of the room where cardinals meet to elect the Pope yet the World Service Intergroup Conclave is also a special and significant assembly. While we are not likely to see any white smoke arising from the Hall — the custom when the cardinals have chosen a new Pope — the Intergroup Conclave brings together groups from all over the world who have been studying the spiritual teachings of Alice Bailey and the Ageless Wisdom of East and West.

Meditative in nature the Intergroup Conclave will share impressions about their worldwide work and spiritual principles and explore how the groups can cooperate and unify more fully. Previous conclaves were held in Tokyo, Darjeeling, Geneva and New York.

A large contingent from the Italian Community Poggio Delfuoco will spice the cosmopolitan atmosphere enriched by representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil Greece, Mexico, Nigeria, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The colourful conclave, which finishes on June 16, is organised by Findhorn Fellows Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson. Looking forward to the event Corinne said “For Gordon and I, having lived here 30 years ago, it is a great honour to bring people here from all over the world to take part in an event that is about practical spirituality. Findhorn is a living expression of spiritual principles being applied in everyday life so these groups that have been studying the work of Alice Bailey are in the perfect environment.”
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