Pilgrim In Trainers

David Fulford, the running pilgrim as he has become known here, is well on the way to completing his thirty day walking pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostelo in northern Spain and this only days after completing the London marathon.

Not content with running the London marathon for the first time David, 55, set himself the daunting challenge of running a marathon and then walking the pilgrim’s road to Santiago.

The double header is in part to raise money to fund an eco-house at the Findhorn Foundation. David’s feat is all the more remarkable as the eco-house is not for himself.

His fantastic feet will have covered more than 800km when he arrives in Santiago and memoirs home show that his inner and outer landscape has been rich and challenging:

”Around 4 hours, 38 minutes for the marathon was quite respectable. It was a huge experience and at the end I was totally exhausted. Never again I thought! But by the evening, my thoughts had changed. I may try for it again next year!

. . . The start of my journey to Santiago was marred as I was mugged in Madrid’s metro but I managed to shake him off and nothing was stolen and I am unhurt…….The Camino is so international, open-hearted and generous, friendly and caring. Everyone has their own reason for making the journey and we share our life stories, help each other with blisters and sun cream, and share food, wine and anecdotes”

David Fulford is hoping to raise £20, 000 towards an eco-house and if you would like more information email

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