Runner and Pilgrim

Our own David Fulford will be lining up among the world’s elite runners and those who wear fancy dress, for this year’s Flora London Marathon on Sunday April 13. Around 60,000 runners are expected to take part in what has become the world’s premier running and fundraising event. Around a million spectators will turn out to cheer the runners on.

Waiting at the start, jostling for position among the crush and nervous excitement as people of all ages and abilities prepare to run 26 miles, 365 yards, (42km) can be daunting enough, yet for David it is the first leg of a dual running and walking challenge to raise money to fund an eco house at the Findhorn Foundation.

A few days later, on Good Friday, David will exchange the adrenalin rush, liniment seared, multi media saturated buzz of the London Marathon for the more sedate inner and outer journey as he sets off on a thirty day walking pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostelo in northern Spain. Once there this pilgrim in trainers will have completed 800km.

Even more admirably David, 55, is not fund raising for himself .
“Throughout my four years at the Findhorn Foundation I have learnt to follow my intuition and I had a very strong feeling a year ago that I wanted to do something that involved a journey and decided to walk to Santiago de Compostela as a pilgrimage. I also wanted to do something I had never done before and decided to enter the London Marathon before I got much older. Having taken a year out of the Findhorn Foundation lifestyle I thought I would combine the two events.
At the same time I thought I didn’t want to run and walk just for myself and decided to honour my connection with the Findhorn Community by fund- raising for an eco house which will provide home for staff members. My aim is to raise £20,000 towards this.”

This will be David’s first marathon and he hopes to complete the distance in less than four and a half hours without stopping. He has been a familiar sight out training five days a week in all weather conditions these past months, clocking up between 80-100 kilometres a week.

Already £3,000 has been pledged by family and community friends and if you would like to help sponsor David’s double marathon send cheques to David at The Park, Findhorn made payable to Findhorn Foundation and marked on the back ‘Staff Housing Manifestation Account.’ Thank you.

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