Easter at Findhorn

One of the great festivals of the year Easter, 2003, is even more significant given current world events.

The Alchemy of Peace, a four day gathering that dovetails a classic meditation retreat with communal song, dance and ritual, is a direct response to events in the middle east and elsewhere.

Part of the gathering will focus on cultivating the qualities of compassion, forgiveness and loving kindness through guided meditation practices and part will celebrate the springtime energies that are bubbling through our landscape.There will be time for quiet reflection, renewal and joyous celebration.

Our collective deep longing for peace is the keynote that will be sounded whether you are sitting on the cushion or dancing around the communal Easter fire. The Alchemy of Peace, led by Kajedo Wanderer and Hanna Morjan, runs from April 19 to 1pm on Wednesday April 23.

A second Easter time offering is the No Place Like Home workshop, 19-26. This event charts the journey that lies before us as we move towards a more localised and diversified world. The journey engages heads, hands, heart and spirit. Presenters include Helena Norberg-Hodge and Richard Douthwaite and No Place Like Home is focalised by Dürten Lau and Jonathan Dawson.

An extra Experience Week and Exploring Community Life programme (both April 19-26) provide other paths into a joyful, meaningful, spirit filled Easter 2003 at Findhorn.

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