War and Peace

I woke up last Thursday to find that the war had started.

I turned to Eileen Caddy’s Opening Doors Within and read, “look for the very best in every situation..if you look deeply enough you will find it….sometimes it is so hidden that it appears to be lost…your faith must be strong and unshakable..you must be willing to hold on, no matter how dark or gloomy the situation appears to be…it may even be necessary to see it get worse before it gets better…simply know that all will work out in true perfection at the right time.”

What “the very best” is in this time of war is already clear to me – it took the threat of war and now war itself to show me that humanity IS changing, that people all over the world are finding unity in their fervent desire for peace and that there is power and hope for the future in this unity.

Without the threat of war I would not have felt the awe and wonder of knowing that 6500 peace vigils were held in 138 countries on 16th March. This rolling wave of candlelight peace vigils, initiated by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Win Without War coalition in US and MoveOn.org, began in NZ and swept across the planet, rekindling the light of peace and hope for our world.

Here at Findhorn about 100 people gathered in the cold, still dusk under a nearly full moon on March 16th, listening to Mary Oliver’s poem Wage Peace, invoking Om Shanti, the ancient Sanskrit name of peace and opening our hearts to our brothers and sisters throughout the world, proud to be part of this wave of quiet solidarity.

Since then war has begun but this does not change the miracle that is occurring. On 23rd March I attended a talk by two men visiting Findhorn – Eliyahu Mclean, an Israeli/American Jew and Ibrahim Abu El Hawa, a Palestinian Moslem. These men who are close friends are deeply committed to the peace process. For them it is about listening to the language of the heart, loving their neighbours regardless of differences, transforming suffering and anger into healing and finding spiritual solutions to political problems.

They have led a peace vigil at The Dome Of The Rock in Jerusalem every Friday for the last 2 1/2 years, certain that holding the vision of peace and knowing that peace is possible IS transforming the world. At Findhorn we also continue to meditate on the qualities of light, peace, wisdom, joy, love, cleansing and healing from Monday to Sunday knowing that global change begins inside each one of us.


Join us for our 5 day Easter gathering The Alchemy of Peace.

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