Towards Sustainability in the 21st Century

It is that wonderful time of year again when the Findhorn Foundation Ecovillage Project in association with Global Ecovillage Network Europe hosts Ecovillage Training.

This year we welcome guests from Iceland, USA, Thailand, Japan, Switzerland, India, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Turkey, Canada, Spain, UK and Canary Islands to eight modules which can be attended separately or as a whole four week programme, covering such topics as permaculture, right livelihood, earthshare, deep ecology and the healing power of community.

Each year these guests enrich our lives, bringing an even more international flavour to the Community Centre and stimulating us with talk of the joys and challenges of life in other cultures and environments and their dreams for the future of the Earth.

This year we have an ecotourism project coordinator, a lady from the Soul in Education movement, another working with Actionaid on the issue of violence against women, an agricultural technician, an urban planner, a management consultant, a writer, a teacher and a forestry manager to name just a few, all drawn together by their passion to learn and then teach how we can live sustainably, in harmony with all life.

GEN is an association of three autonomous regional networks covering the globe geographically – Oceania and Asia, Europe and the Americas.

What is exciting this year is that in May the Secretariat of GEN-Europe will move from Italy to both the Findhorn Community and the ZEGG Community in Germany. Findhorn will be responsible for Education, promoting the development of links between ecovillages and mainstream schools and universities and supporting living and learning centres in Sri Lanka, Senegal, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Jonathan Dawson, our GEN-Europe representative at Findhorn says, “the single most exciting thing is that we’re not on the periphery anymore. Big chunks of society are looking at us, taking us seriously and are very interested in doing what we’re doing. We are being invited to the big table to engage with the policy makers and planners.”

Meanwhile, in gorgeous winter sunshine, we at Findhorn witness Ecovillage participants cooperating, learning and creating action plans in this ‘Habitat Revolution’. We applaud this conscious, practical way of dealing with the global crisis as we move dangerously close to the limits of growth on a finite planet.

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