Shopping goes global at Findhorn

Have you ever wished that you could beam yourself over to northern Scotland and just drop by the Phoenix Community Stores, have a bit of a browse, buy a birthday gift and maybe treat yourself to something inspirational, too?

Now you can because 80 items from the Phoenix are available online.
This new venture is a joint initiative of the Findhorn Foundation, Phoenix Community Stores and Gnosis, the IT section of New Findhorn Directions, the Foundation’s trading arm.

So if you’re sitting in Capetown, Cairns, Chiang Mai or Chicago and you want to read Peter Caddy’s autobiography or you need to replenish your stock of Findhorn Flower Essences and essential oils or you’ve just met someone who would love some Angel Cards or an Erraid candle, simply click on ‘Online Store’ on our homepage and purchase direct with full security.

Many books unique to this community are available, including the new Visitors Guide and Eileen Caddy’s updated autobiography and also CDs of the songs which many associate with their stay in this special place, sung by the Findhorn Community Singers. The famous Transformation Game, created here in the 70s is also for sale, as are Intuitive Solutions, Blessing Cards and Angel Cards and Stickers, all of which evolved from the original game. Paintings and pottery will be available soon.

Gnosis is interested in seeing what the demand will be for these products over the next six months, with a view to making well informed decisions about future investment in this wonderful new way of spreading the light.

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