Our Common Ground – a statement of ethics and intentions

Once a year, for three days in both December and January, the staff and students of the Findhorn Foundation meet to review the past year and look at the year ahead. This Internal Conference is an inspirational time of connection, honest appraisal, appreciation and planning.

This year we closely examined our Common Ground, a document written six years ago to consolidate the common aspirations or commitments that draw together the diverse group of people who are the Foundation.

This year we agreed that it is one of our highest priorities to breathe life into this document, for it is our guide in the ongoing quest for growth and learning as individuals and as a community, in a world context. We looked closely at the 14 points it contains which include such subjects as spiritual practice, service, personal growth, integrity and responsibility, respect for others, non-violence and conflict resolution.

The two points which were seen as the most challenging were:

Point 1: I commit myself to active spiritual practice and to align with spirit to work for the greatest good


Point 6: I commit to using clear and honest communication with open-listening, heartfelt response, loving acceptance and straightforwardness. in public and in private I will not speak in a way that maligns or demeans others. I will talk to people rather than about them. I may seek helpful advice, but will not seek to collude.

The Common Ground is an inspiring document and remains a stimulating curriculum for this centre, a curriculum we are committed to, knowing that world peace and global change begin deep within each of us.

At our Internal Conference we committed to focusing on one point each month, holding it in special awareness in our work departments and in all dealings with ourselves and others, so that in the quality of both our being and our doing, we are truly transforming consciousness.

You can read the full Common Ground by using this link.

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