Networks Of Light

In the final run up to our 40th birthday, this week sees the biennial gathering of Findhorn Foundation Resource People at Cluny Hill College. These 34 men and women from as far afield as Tasmania, New Zealand, USA and Finland have gathered to celebrate our global family, a family which they are instrumental in strengthening.

The Foundation has over 120 resource people in more than 30 countries who, with our Friends and Stewards, create a vast network of light, spreading peace and love as they live, as we do here, with the intention to integrate spiritual principles into everyday life.

This week they are networking with each other and with the Foundation, updating their knowledge of the latest developments here and renewing their links with their spiritual home. It is both inspiring for us to meet with these people who are so important in promoting our work in the world and to see them reinspired by the founding impulses of this amazing, holistic, ecological community.

As Robin Alfred, one of our Trustees, said recently in the press, “Our aim is personal and planetary transformation, so the vision is big. A self-sufficient community in a bubble of its own would miss the point.”

So we are enormously grateful to these dynamic and self-motivated Findhorn ambassadors who not only support our wonderful experiment in creating a new model for sustainable living on all levels but who take it out into the world, fostering and cultivating new centres of love and light.

If you are interested in becoming a resource person or contacting one in your area, please contact Clare Cummings, RP Coordinator at

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