40th Birthday Update – Let The Festivities Begin!

Anticipation mounts here at the Findhorn Foundation Community as we prepare to welcome home over 150 of our family who lived, worked and were inspired by this community over the last 40 years. Already there are shrieks of delight and much hugging in the Community Centre as old friends meet unexpectedly.

It promises to be a rich and joyful week of sharing memories and telling stories of the many ways in which people have taken the essence of this extraordinary community and created their own initiatives all over the world, co-creating with nature, transforming consciousness and promoting world peace.

There will be amazed gasps too as people who left 30 years ago see our thriving ecovillage, windmill, sewage recycling plant, award winning organic shop, redecorated Cluny Hill College and the mature gardens in their late autumnal glory. No one could have imagined on 17th November 1962 that one lonely windswept caravan would begin a flourishing, vibrant community which now includes 33 organisations and charities under the umbrella of the New Findhorn Association, and an educational centre which attracts over 4,000 residential guests a year.

Highlights of the week will include a huge birthday party at Cluny with 40 cakes on 17th November, a firework display and the launching of two new books about Findhorn – In Search of the Magic of Findhorn by Karen Bogliolo and Carly Newfeld and Flight Into Freedom and Beyond, Eileen Caddy’s updated autobiography.

There will be a large version of The Transformation Game, a chance for people to work in their old work departments, the unveiling of a portrait in appreciation of Robert Ogilvie Crombie, a masked fancy dress ‘nature spirit’ ball and much fun and laughter as old friends reconnect.

Both Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean are here for the celebrations, quietly reminding us of the faith and trust in the still small voice within and the celebration of the divinity in all life, on which this community was built.

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