40th Birthday Gathering In November

On November 17 2002, the Findhorn Community celebrates the arrival, 40 years ago, of Peter and Eileen Caddy’s caravan onto the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park site; the starting point for our extraordinary history.

To celebrate this momentous anniversary, a week-long festive gathering (Saturday November 16 to Thursday 21) is being planned, with the theme of celebrating our roots and shoots and the impact the Findhorn Community has had in the world.

Invitations have been sent to many hundreds of people who have been intimately connected with the Community since its beginning. Everyone who has ever lived here and values how their time in this centre has transformed and shaped their lives today, is warmly invited. Already, more than 80 Findhornians have booked their place at what promises to be a very special celebration, many of them travelling from various parts of the world.

As well as honouring and celebrating our roots and shoots the Birthday Week gathering will include Scottish ceilidhs, sharings, brunches and other festive meals, group projects, inspirational presentations – with plenty of time for dialogue and networking.

Already the bouquets have started to arrive. William Bloom, regarded as one of the UK’s leading holistic and spiritual teachers says: “Congratulations to the most important holistic centre in Europe, especially for all you have done for the environment and for a multifaith approach to personal development.”

For co-founder Dorothy Maclean the intervening years have been miraculous: “That a community of hundreds of people – visited by thousands more – would result, is an incredible, awesome miracle.”

If you have lived here at any time and have not received an invitation, and would like to come, do not feel left out! Our records are not perfect. Contact for all the details. Early booking is advised.

We are also compiling a bumper Record of Achievements. What part do you play as an agent of transformation and healing in the world? We want to hear about your achievements, so don’t hide your light! Whether you can attend the Birthday Gathering or not, we encourage everyone who feels a connection with this special place to inform us of your life and work, your being and doing, and what you live for. Send your Life Work page (with photographs) to .

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