A Larger Sense Of Community

On Sunday 2 June, as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, an interfaith service was held in the Universal Hall. It was wonderful to see not only so many religions of the world represented, but also the four communities who live on this small peninsula in northern Scotland: Findhorn village, Kinloss village, the RAF and the Findhorn Foundation community.

The fact that the service was held cooperatively by Father Alan Wilson of the RAF and interfaith minister, Reverend Lydia Trettis, from the Findhorn Foundation, two institutions that have seemed worlds apart in the past, lends hope to the vision of a united world, free of the fears that can separate us.

The service honoured the traditions of many religions and included a Taizé song, a Jewish song, a Bahai reading, a Persian chant, a Buddhist prayer, a Welsh blessing and the singing of Amazing Grace. Finally there was an exuberant South African gospel song, Siyabonga Baba – “We are grateful, Father”.

At the end of the service there was a real sense of celebration, not just of the Queen and the graciousness of the 50 years of her reign in the face of huge change, but of the joy and peace that comes when local communities can understand and accept their differences and create a larger community based on mutual love and respect.

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