New Windmill Bodes Well For The Earth

Delegates at the Findhorn Foundation’s Easter conference, Restore the Earth!, were told about a new initiative of the Findhorn Ecovillage Project that will significantly move Findhorn towards its goal of having 100% of its energy needs met through renewable sources within the next five years.

Ecovillage director, John Talbott, announced the replacement of the community’s current 75kw wind turbine (affectionately named Moya) with a larger 850kw machine. “This new phase of our wind power programme will demonstrate the potential of small communities to provide ALL of their energy needs from clean, local and sustainable sources, thus far exceeding the UK Government’s prediction of 10% from renewables that they now say is possible.”

Moya has proved the viability of wind power in Morayshire, having generated 20% of the community’s electricity – over 1.5M units – and has saved nearly 2,000 tons of CO2 emissions going into the atmosphere, since its erection in 1989. Project Officer, Beth Dunlop, said that a new company would be formed to raise the £550,000 capital needed. Investment would come from community members, the current wind turbine operators (New Findhorn Directions) and other partners committed to supporting wind power. “This windmill is another demonstration that it is possible to live in harmonious and sustainable relationship with the earth.”

John Talbott further announced, “In the next several years we will also be initiating load management, to allow our demand to better match the availability of the wind generated energy. We will also introduce fuel cell technology that will store energy in the form of hydrogen for use when the wind isn’t blowing. This last phase will also be integrated into a transport strategy when fuel cell powered cars become commercially available in 2004.”

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