Multimillion Pound Movie – Fact Or Myth!

Picture this: Sean Connery to play Roc, Meryl Streep as Eileen Caddy disappearing to the sanctuary every evening, while Sam Neill as Peter Caddy oversees the seeding of a garden that would one day become world famous. And we mustn’t forget parts for Julia Roberts, Robin Williams and even Billy Connolly.
The cream of Hollywood’s actors, if recent British press reports are to be believed, are being lined up to play key roles in a multimillion pound movie about the creation of the Findhorn Community.

The aptly named film Garden of Angels is said to be only a wingspan away from being made and eyebrows have been raised both within the Community and further afield. Fact or fiction? Like the fabled giant vegetables of the early days, both mythical and true?

Film director Ian Merrick, who directed Black Panther and was a producer on Flashdance, is unequivocal that the Findhorn story will soon be on the silver screen. “The film is definitely happening. The finance is in place and we are in negotiations with a number of major figures about appearing. I think the world is hungry for a story like this. It is all about the best of what the human race is capable of. It is an enchanting, magical, uplifting and charming tale that will inspire people.”

Within the Findhorn Community the mood is cautiously optimistic. Members have known of the existence of the script, which describes what happened when Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean arrived at The Park in the sixties, for some years.

Findhorn Foundation press spokesman, Michael Hawkins said, “The story of Findhorn will make a fantastic film, as the subject is wondrously interesting. I hope that if it does go ahead it remains true to the story and what Findhorn is about.”

Meryl Streep and Sean Connery will not be seen stepping out of the real original caravan that was Eileen, Peter and Dorothy’s home, however, as it is understood the £18 million movie will be made at a brand new Scottish film studio complex located 25 miles from Findhorn at Milton of Leys in Inverness.

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