“Unsung Hero” Helps Restore the Earth

Alan Watson Featherstone, the founder and Executive Director of Trees for Life, has been awarded the Schumacher Award for 2001 by the Schumacher Society. This top environmental award, honours people and grassroots organisations in the UK, whose work is making a significant contribution to human-scale sustainable development, and is presented each year to an “unsung hero” of the UK’s environmental movement.

The Schumacher Society awarded their prestigious accolade to Alan for “his inspirational and practical work on conserving and restoring degraded ecosystems.” Since its founding in 1985, the conservation charity he inspires, Trees for Life, has planted more than 420,000 native trees in the Highlands of Scotland. Its long-term vision is to restore the Caledonian Forest to a contiguous area of 600 square miles, as a significant contribution towards returning the Highlands to sound ecological health.

An inspirational figure, as well as a local hero within the Findhorn Community, Mr Watson is co-organising a far-reaching week that may well change the world forever, and positively so. The Restore the Earth! conference next Easter at the Findhorn Foundation (March 30 – April 5) will be jointly hosted by Trees for Life and the Findhorn Foundation, and is dedicated to highlighting and catalysing positive steps to return the whole planet to sound ecological health, sooner rather than later.

Moreover, the conference will include a call for the 21st century to be declared a Century of Restoring the Earth, dedicated to restoring the earth’s polluted and fragile ecosystems. This declaration will reverberate outwards to all world leaders, as organisers continue to persuade the United Nations to adopt it, and prioritise the healing of our wounded ecosystems.
The Restore the Earth! conference is expected to attract environmentalists and concerned citizens from all over the world for a week that may well make a difference to all our lives.

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