Esalen® Massage Technique

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This course does not require previous participation in an Experience Week.

Perry and Johanna Holloman

Esalen® Massage is a unique form of Bodywork developed over the last 40 years at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. This technique is known for its long integrating strokes, creating an experience of deep relaxation supporting the natural ability of body and mind to self-heal.

This programme provides participants with in-depth experience and practice of basic Esalen Massage techniques, enabling you to give a professional full body massage upon completion ofthe course. Our study of massage will be complemented by daily meditation, yoga and other movement disciplines.

Through our daily massage and movement practice, we will experience in our own bodies the qualities of aliveness and flowing presence central to this method. This process of self-exploration is a key element of grounding the learning in the experience of the body itself, and transforms what would simply be a ‘technique’ into a true healing art. The deeper intent of our time together is to learn to touch others by first learning to be touched, not only by the hands of our fellow participants, but by an expansion of our awareness throughout our own bodies, selves and souls.

The environment of the Findhorn Foundation fits well with this method as a path of healing. Participants will have the opportunity to experience life in the community, and feel the natural power of the local landscape which so strongly supports inner spiritual awakening.

Learning the art of Esalen Massage often changes lives. Whether your intent is to deepen your knowledge of bodywork or to spend time healing yourself through touching, our time together will stay with you for many years to come. Whatever your intention, join us for this four week journey. Our hearts will convey our experience through our hands as we learn to heal ourselves and others through this wonderfully effective method of Esalen Massage.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £3075 / £2875 / £2675

Tiered Pricing

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Includes 4 weeks accommodation and all meals.

Perry and Johanna HollomanPerry and Johanna Holloman have lived and taught massage together at Esalen since 1996. Perry has been a long term resident of the Esalen community since 1979.

Both lead workshops in this healing art throughout the world and Johanna also leads workshops in the Diamond Approach, based on the teachings of Hameed Ali Almaas.