Michael Roads on
Unconditional Love - Emotional Healing - The Meaning of Life

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Special Event
21–23 June 2014

I am a spiritual teacher. This is what I do ... and I am good at it. I am also the author of many books on this subject. One of my greatest joys is to see people switch on their lives with unconditional love. This is what I teach. Nothing gives me more fulfilment than to watch people become electrified by the inner awareness of their own spiritual growth and ever-increasing potential.

I also teach people how to establish emotional balance, or, as I like to put it, emotional completeness. Few people seem to realise the importance and value of emotional stability on a daily basis. We do not have to live like an emotional yo-yo; we do not need to have fits of anger or sustain long periods of anxiety and worry.

In this my twenty-third year of travelling in different countries of Europe and the world, I have helped and assisted thousands of people transform their lives from the mundane to the magnificent. I have witnessed this transformation in one event after another. I have seen a person go from closed and anxious to open and joyous in the space of a few transforming days. And most participants sustain this inner change. They like to feel empowered, they like to have a formula for life that truly works. It works because my seminars are based on unconditional love and the principles of life.

I invite you to join me at this pivotal point in human consciousness. It is time to take a quantum leap from the decay of the old into the light of the new.

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Includes 3 nights accommodation and all meals.

For more information on Michael and what to expect of him, you can view a recent interview here.

I felt the need to say a big huge THANK YOU! I had a magnificent experience at the Intensive, and I am so very happy to have taken part in it.

Thomas, previous Intensive participant

You may be very surprised at the depth of your experience, as I was at mine.

Avonna, previous Intensive participant

Words cannot express the emotions and the highs I experienced at the Intensive, but I'll try anyway. It felt like I changed trains from a local to an express with a beautiful view. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to grow again in leaps and bounds.

Gerda, previous Intensive participant


Michael Roads is a spiritual author and teacher who holds profound and hugely popular talks, workshops and 5-day Intensives in which he offers pathways through Love to deepen our spiritual relationship with Nature and with Self, and assists us in our awakening to our Divine potential.