Findhorn Intensive - A 12-Month Modular Programme

This course requires previous participation in Experience Week.

Adele Napier & Clive Kitson

This year-long enquiry explores what it really means to live Findhorn principles in everyday life. You spend five residential weeks here, with peer group support and individual mentoring at home, in between times.

Programme Modules:
6–12 September 2014, 29 November - 5 December 2014, 7–13 February 2015,
18–25 April 2015, 27 June - 3 July 2015.

If you have been touched by Findhorn and want to bring this experience more fully into your everyday life, we invite you on this heart-opening journey. In it, you will:

  • deepen and strengthen your connection with your inner self, while engaging with the challenges and rigours of daily life
  • open to new possibilities for living relationships, and engaging creatively with all that surrounds you
  • discover healthy ways to bring your unique contribution to the world, positively adding to the ecology of life

The group journey is an opportunity to be lovingly held, supported, challenged and encouraged while you reflect and engage with your life more deeply.

During our residential weeks, we come together and create an environment in which to enquire, discover and practise. We draw on Findhorn's mystery school approach, as well as our individual and collective practices and wisdom. We explore the frameworks of Incarnational Spirituality and Process Oriented Psychology to help understand and practice living our lives consciously. Steered by the groups' particular interests, we draw on the experience and inspiration of Findhorn to engage in new possibilities for sustainability in the areas of spirituality, creativity, ecology, culture and economy.

When you are back home, in between these weeks, you continue to deepen, ground and apply the learning. Regular peer group meetings, a mentor, practices and resource materials support you in this.

The Findhorn Intensive supports you to find ways to open to your own intuition and spiritual connection, to attune to the world around you, and to realise new possibilities of relating and co-creating with other people, nature, and life in all aspects. It invites you to reassess your life, find greater fulfillment and bring more love into our world.

For anybody thinking of doing the Intensive... stop thinking and just do it. You will uncover rich dividends within.

David, previous programme participant

Perspective, Purpose and Outcomes

We live in times that call for new kinds of individual creativity and an ability to participate co-creatively with life. This programme is an exploration into experiencing and practising this. Our vision is that over the 12 months you will have:

  • greater understanding of yourself and the way you relate to life and others
  • greater clarity of your unique patterning, the potential gifts you contribute to the world, and your sense of purpose
  • deeper understanding and experience of what the sacred is to you,
    and the ability to access and live from this ground of being
  • broader awareness and experience of your potential for co-creative living
  • accessed and applied new life-enhancing ways of living, appropriate to you and your life context
  • developed your inner and outer resources and a network of support to draw on
  • grown in confidence, self-esteem and ability to step forward, living from a stronger sense of inner and outer leadership

The Programme Content

Five residential weeks, over 12 months, facilitate an immersion in the material in the context of the group's emergent life and this dynamic community. During the in-between weeks at home the support of peer group interactions, a mentor, personal practices and resource materials assist personal deepening and application in daily living.

During our residential weeks we will come together and create an environment in which to enquire, discover and practise. We will understand more of ourselves and each other; explore a sense of sacred and how it lives in and through each of us; and connect in ways that support new possibilities for life and living to emerge. We will:

  • draw on Findhorn’s mystery school approach, as well as our individual and collective practices of alignment and engagement
  • sit in circle, in the ancient deep listening approach of Way of Council, discovering ourselves, each other, our interconnectedness with life, and the new that emerges
  • explore the framework of Incarnational Spirituality and its relevance in enabling us to participate in life's unfoldment in a way that is productive and beneficial for the whole
  • and, steered by the group's particular interests, we will draw on the inspiration and practice from those at Findhorn engaged in sustainable service, in areas of spirituality, creativity, ecology, culture and economy.

In-between these weeks, back in the context of daily life, we will continue to deepen, ground and apply the learning. A peer group, mentor, written and practical home assignments, reading and resource materials and your chosen learning ‘projects’ will support this.

Content weaves throughout the programme, emphasised in three main themes:

Self and Sacred
Self-reflective tools and enquiry, encompassing body awareness, purpose work, creative exploration and expression. Deepen understanding and connection with the Sacred through attunement, meditation, retreat and ritual, deep listening and other practices.

Co-creation and Emergence
Refine inner and outer abilities of collaboration, including communication tools, group consciousness and process, awareness of and attunement to the group field and the system’s energies, holding emergent spaces, relationship with our environment, and connecting with the intelligence of nature.

Life-Affirming Living
A focus on daily life application, drawing on Findhorn examples of sustainable or life-enhancing culture, spirituality, economy, food and ecology; exploring the practice of ‘love-in-action’ in the Findhorn community and through the development of personal projects.

The Findhorn Intensive helped me to see what already is in my life, that life-affirming living doesn't mean that I have to make a big change through hard struggle. The process supported a rediscovery of my creativity and my deep connection to nature. Focus on my intentions gave me a new steady course in life.

Ulf, previous programme participant


This enquiry is for anyone who cares deeply about cultivating a sense of personal presence and individual creativity; who feels called to actively participate in a way that positively adds to life; and who values connectedness with the Sacred, and the vast dimensions in which we live, in doing so.

It is relevant for those who see themselves engaged in world work at some level, and those who aspire to be. Whatever your current occupation, this programme is for you if you would like to deepen and enliven your participation and relationship with life. Its rhythm enables those whose life commitments do not allow for long residential stays at Findhorn but would like to engage more deeply with this centre and the application of its principles.

Prerequisite and Commitment

To be eligible to join the Findhorn Intensive we ask that you participate in an Experience Week before your interview. As your engagement is a key contributor to the aliveness and effectiveness of the programme, for you and the group, we ask that you be willing to bring yourself into active relationship with the programme, your own enquiry, and group life.

We request that you be willing to commit to a daily practice of connecting with the sacred, attending each of the five residential weeks, and participating in monthly peer group meetings (via Skype or phone) throughout the programme.

Findhorn Intensive has been an ongoing miracle for me. The miracle of going inside, discovering the universe in me and emerging. During this programme and after it I have had a strong and deep connection to myself and the spirit of Findhorn. I've also improved my relationships, they are now more loving and true.

Angel, previous programme participant

Tiered price (click here for more information): £3450 / £2850 / £2350

Tiered Pricing

We want to ensure that our workshops and events are accessible to a diverse range of people and recognise that one person’s financial situation will differ from another. So that money is not a barrier to participating in our workshops and events, we offer a tiered pricing structure and ask that you select the price appropriate for your personal circumstances. Please take a moment to read about our tiered pricing here.

This includes full residential board for the five residential weeks, the programme itself, and mentoring sessions through its duration.

We ask that fees be paid by the start of the programme, with £200 paid directly after your interview to secure your place.

Enquiries and Application

Please address any enquiries or your written application to
It should be no more than three typed pages in length, and include the following information:

  • Name, date of birth, address and postcode, contact telephone number and email address
  • Date of Experience Week
  • Other programmes at / contact with Findhorn
  • Present occupation and life circumstances, including your relationship to these
  • Brief educational background
  • Brief personal background
  • Brief spiritual background
  • Your reasons for wanting to do this programme, including your perceived strengths and challenges, hopes and fears, and ability to make the commitments required for active participation
  • A brief description of your health
  • The promise of a letter of support from... (The purpose of this letter is to develop a network of support around you as you take on this exploration. Choose someone in your life who knows you, who you have spoken to about this decision, and who supports this direction in your life. Ask them to write about why they recommend this as a good step for you. They can send it to us directly, or via you.)